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RX Lens Function


Advanced Polarising Filter









Heat Stability
Heat stability of polarized lenses is very important because all lenses have to go through application of scratch-resistant and AR coatings during which they are subjected to high temperatures. ADHOC lenses have been specially designed to perform consistently  well under these adverse conditions. By carefully measuring the colour of the lens before and after the essential thermo curing process our proprietary HT film technology enables us to reduce ‘colour shift’ and consistently produce one of the most colour stable polarised lenses available today.



Color Uniformity
The color of ADHOC RX lens will be consistent, irrespective of the prescription and will not fade over time. If, for some reason, one of the lenses must be replaced, the new lens will always match the original.



Axis Alignment
Axis alignment is crucially important to the polarized eyewear perfomance. To produce maximum efficient, the filter must be aligned accurately along the 0-180 axis. ADHOC optics reject any lens that is more than 1 degree out. We believe this is one of the highest standards currently available



Best Optical Properties
We offer a customized solution from user's prescription.










Lens Color


ADHOC RX lens color are as follows : ADHOC RX Fixed Tint, ADHOC RX Photochromic series, ADHOC Polarized Series and the Photochromic and Polarized two in one function lens - ADHOC RX Polarized and Photochromic Series.





Fixed Tint


ADHOC RX fixed tint has a optimization vision, provide a clear, sharp and comfortable feeling to meet athlete require. ADHOC RX fixed tint has a better optical performance then the standard of American National Standards Institute.






PH Series


ADHOC RX Photochromic lens technology - automatically adjust the lens color by the surrounding light intensity. Not only improve the clear of the sight, but also the color contract that can have a better vision in the different light intensity. 








PZ Series


ADHOC RX Polarized Lens can block the blinding glare, during driving or sporting, results in a comfortable vision with no glare. 









PZ+PH Series


ADHOC RX Polarized + Photochromic Lens is a good choice for mountaineer and athlete. A combination of polarized and photochromic function, applied to the surrounding that light intensity change a lot. The ADHOC RX PZ+PH Lens can block the glare and dark the lens during high light intensity to keep a clear vision.
(Note : The ADHOC RX PZ+PH Lens is not suitable for a low light intensity at night.)